Developer badges

Published on 2022-06-20

Developer badges are a great way to showcase your expertise in a way that's easy to incorporate into your project readmes or website.

Each badge shows your gravatar, username, overall ranking and stars plus ranking and stars for your top two languages.

The badges are served from so they're always up to date with your latest stats, ensuring they're accurate and relevant.

Find your profile on where you can preview your badge and get the markdown or HTML to use.

You can choose from three types of badge:


Your global ranks are used, and the badge has a gold strip at the bottom.

Check out yangshun's profile on

Note if you don't have your location set this will be the only badge available to you.


Your rank within your country is used, and the badge has a silver strip.

Check out donnemartin's profile on


Your rank within your locality is used, and the badge has a bronze strip.

Check out oliyh's profile on

Check out your badge today!